Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A birthday present from Australia

 Today was a day when I walked with a smile on my face. OK, maybe not the whole day, but for 30 minutes for sure.
The reason is presented in this post. 
It's a present , letter and a greeting card all in one. The best part is the feathers from parrots and other Australian birds (they weren't plucked. My friends just picked the feathers like mushrooms in a forest!).
There's even a tiny clover included. What a treat! A tiny piece of Australia at home!

Thank You Luka!!!

I will tell You a secret: I will be going there myself soon.
So expect my blog to be all about Australian animals, plants, people and everything else possible for a whole month!

1 comment:

Akvilina said...

Kaip fainai!!! Dovanos ir kelione! Negaliu sulaukt tu postu!!
Su gimtadieniu!!! :))