Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's not enough!

Today, on my way home through the local market, I abruptly stopped. Among piles of junk (mostly soviet memorabilia) ceramics were spotted. They have arrived well and whole all the way from Germany. Probably just garbage for the people there. But You know the saying...
I could have bought more, but I've just got no more space at home.
Half of the objects are waiting to be used in future:
the coffee set-when I'm well and can enjoy a cup of espresso.
Jam jars-when the berries are ripe and I'm not lazy to make the jam.
There were so many nice robust..or...even rustic flower pots. I wanted all of them!!!!
And it's probably the fun and excitement of going through boxes of stuff and finding totally 
unexpected things that make me loose my track and start digging in.

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